Puzzle Showdown 4K

Trophy Guide


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1 /10
  • Offline: 35 (1  9  5  2  )
  • Approximate time: 2-3 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 50 playthroughs
  • Does Difficulty affect Trophies: N/A
  • Missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: one
  • Cheats: None


1st playthrough – complete a 510-piece Puzzle

Choose “Singleplayer”, select any picture and set “Pieces” to 510. One of the easiest is “People” “Concrete Swim”. Top are only white pieces, center brown and below grey. Set the options “Rotation” to off and “Background” to outline, it will make it much easier.

Doing this you will get:

  Ithsmus Be Difficult
Complete an Isthmus Bonus of 15 or more pieces

  • You will get it auautomatically in this run when you put 15 or more piesces together


  Do a Jig
Complete 1st Puzzle

  • – After finishing the first puzzle.


  Puzzle Connoisseur
Complete a 510-piece Puzzle

  • – After finishing the puzzle with 510 pieces.


  Puzzle Master
Complete a 510-piece Puzzle in under 2 hours

  • – After finishing the puzzle with 510 pieces in under 2 hours you will get „Puzzle Master“. It takes around 90 minutes to complete.


2nd playthrough

Choose “Multiplayer”, add a second player. Selct any picture and set “Pieces” to 28.

Play 10 multiplayer games and you will get:

  First Showdown
Compete against another player

  • -After the first multiplayer game.


  Showdown Winner
1 Competitive Win

  • -Win a game mutliplayer game as player one.


  Triple Jig
Complete 3rd Puzzle

  • -After finishing 3rd puzzle


  Showdown Underdog
Come back from a 1000 point deficit in showdown

  • -Do with the 2nd player 1000 point. After reaching play and finish the puzzle with 1st player


  Relaxation Station
Complete a puzzle with scoring disabled

  • -Set the „Scoring“-option to off in one game against a second palyer


  Another’s Treasure
Complete an Another’s Treasure Bonus twice in one Showdown

  • -Play as second player until the last three puzzle pieces. Now do not connecting the last three pieces. Select a piece and take it back by pressing circle, do it two tinmes. Now play as player one and finish the game. The „Treasure Bonus“ will be displayed if you do it right.


  Showdown Boon
Complete two 30-point or higher Bonus Points in one Showdown

  • -While playing 10 Competitive it will pop auautomatically. If not, it is important to set the pieces fast as possible with no mistakes.


  Showdown Champion
10 Competitive Wins

  • -Win 10 multiplayer games as player 1.


11th till 50th playthrough and collect the last missing trophies

  Triple Speed Streak
Complete 3 Speed Streak Bonuses in a row

  • -If not get it during the first 11 playthroughs, Be very qick to set the piece to the right place. It will displayed „Speed Streak“ if do it right. Get 3 „Speed Streak“ in a row


  Accuracy Streak
Complete 5 Accuracy Bonuses in a row

  • -If not get it during the first 11 playthroughs, Do not press the x-button until you see it ist he right place of the piece, be qick to set the piece to the right place. It will displayed „Accuracy“ if do it right. Get 5 „Accuracy Bonuses“ in a row


  Line of Five
Complete a Line Bonus of 5 pieces or more

  • -Place five pieces together with no other pieces around them. It will easy to do by selceting edge parts. If there is no edge part, put it back by pressing circle until you get an edge part and set to the field. Do it with four more pieces


  Puzzle Champion
Complete 50 Puzzles

  • -Play solo or mutiplayer games until you finished 50 puzzles. All solo or multiplayer games will counting.


Showdown Completion
Complete all Puzzle Showdown 4K Trophies

Platinum – congratulations.

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